Therapeutic Touch is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices. It is an intentionally directed process of energy exchange during which the practitioner uses the hands as a focus to facilitate the healing process. The practitioner may apply light touch with permission during the Therapeutic Touch session or may simply move his/her hands a few inches from the body.

Therapeutic Touch is a complementary therapy that may be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., R.N. (Professor Emerita of New York University) and her mentor Dora Kunz developed Therapeutic Touch in the early 1970s. It is now practiced by thousands of healthcare professionals, holistic health practitioners and lay people in 75 countries throughout the world. Numerous colleges and universities teach it in their graduate and undergraduate nursing programs. Therapeutic Touch is a scientifically based practice, including at least 15 doctoral dissertations, post-doctoral studies and innumerable masters theses. U.S. National Institute of Health has funded Therapeutic Touch research.

All BCTTNS practitioners and teachers are instructed in the Krieger-Kunz method of Therapeutic Touch.

Research and experience have shown the effectiveness of Therapeutic Touch in:

  • promoting relaxation and eliciting the relaxation response
  • reducing anxiety
  • changing the client’s perception of pain
  • facilitating the body’s natural restorative processes ie: bone repair and wound healing
  • supporting the immune system

Therapeutic Touch® is a natural human potential and is a skill that requires compassion and intentionality. Therapeutic Touch is administered with the intent to enable people to re-pattern their energy toward wholeness and health.

Therapeutic Touch is a benefit to the practitioner and the client. TT is often used by healthcare professionals who frequently work in stressful conditions. Therapeutic Touch Practitioners are trained to center themselves, and this enhances their ability to remain calm in any setting.

Healthcare providers using Therapeutic Touch include registered nurses, social worker, counsellors, AIDS caregivers, occupational therapists, hospice and palliative care nurses and volunteers, addiction workers, midwives, eldercare workers, and those providing pre- and post-operative care.

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