Meet Teresa Collins to complete your healing and wellness program

Unlocking Your Power, Purpose, and Possibilities

I was born with psychic abilities. In fact, I could fully see as long as I could remember but I was raised in a Catholic School and a combination of disconnection and misalignment had me fearing my gifts, so I shut them down.

As most of the people I help, I too had some pretty traumatic experiences growing up but I always kept my optimism and serious intuition. By the time I was 16 I was working two full-time jobs (you can imagine the backstory) this was when I met my soulmate, Tom; I knew it would change my life forever. I was driven and fearless at 18 and I was running a Subway but unfortunately, I was a bit of a workaholic and had a nervous breakdown by 21 so I began to learn to heal.

Activating my gifts, just a little, and once healed the next chapter was business. I decided to get a business degree and managed be top of my class at Pittman Business School in Vancouver. After business school I ran a trucking company then a security company while I was blessed with two amazing boys. These boys were 5 years apart and came with their own set of challenges. My oldest son was so empathic and gifted that modern society did not understand him and he ended up getting very sick. After 6 years applying modern medicine, in and out of Children’s Hospital, no matter what we tried modern medicine just didn’t work. Luckily Divine stepped in and introduced me to the most amazing healer. She helped me activate my gifts again and showed me the clear path to how I could heal myself, my family and start following my path and purpose.

The first couple years I healed my kids, myself, my husband, my family, and anybody I could get my hands on.

With such success I needed to expand, and I reached out to the public. I did over 250 healing in my first year!

I’m proud to announce that since I decided focus full time on my healing and wellness business in 2016, I have been changing lives. I have assisted in over 2200 healings last year alone and reached my personal goal of 5000 healings in June 2021.
Love and wellness, 
Teresa Collins