The BeMorr Society is dedicated to suicide awareness, including the treatment of PTSD and associated conditions.


After years of struggling with depression, anxiety and PTSD following his father’s suicide in 2013, Brook Morrison, at the age of 26, also passed away from suicide in September of 2020. Following his passing, the Morrison family envisioned a way to move through the grief and loss to help others who are also struggling with mental health. After many discussions around the Morrison kitchen table, the BeMorr Society Nonprofit came to life. As we navigated through the construction of the Society it was abundantly clear to us that the stigma around reaching out for help for those struggling with mental health as well as the financial burden of seeking that help was lacking in many parts across Canada. As such, we decided to take an active stance, and assist those who need immediate and ongoing assistance. 

We exist to ensure those affected by mental health issues including PTSD and Suicidal thoughts/actions are empowered and supported to seek the help they need and feel safe to speak openly with cost of care not being a barrier.  We strive to destigmatize mental health challenges in general by providing education and awareness in Community and Nationally. 

We’re expanding our service provider list, and are currently accepting proposals for Counselling Partnerships and Collaborators. Interested in being part of BeMorr Society? Send us an email to introduce yourself, at

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